from concept to commercial products
    for detection of biomolecular interactions into marketable products

What We Do:

VeillTech develops and commercializes low-cost sensors, test kits and customized assays for food safety, environmental toxins, pathogen detection and clinical diagnostics. The company's business model is based on low-cost, paper-based sensing devices for use in low-resource settings.

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VTI's (Veillance Technologies Inc.) vision is to become a leader in biochemical analysis through the pursuit of bio-surveillance detection technologies from concept to commercialization.


  • The company's mission is to develop and commercialize proprietary sensing instruments for detection of biomolecular interactions.

  • Our core competency includes the development of unique surface chemistries and nanostructured-biomolecular devices into analytical instruments.

  • Our nanostructured-enhanced electrochemical detection NEED™ platform is intrinsically simpler, faster and portable, while providing better approach towards early detection with improved prognosis.

VTI's Scope of Work:

Food Safety

Environmental Toxins

Pathogen Detection

Clinical Diagnostics