Triple-Five Sensors

Today's microbiological and molecular systems require a well-engineered sample handling and detection platform in order to perform high-fidelity microbial or genetic identification. However, these are costly, time-consuming and inefficient. A prototype Triple Five (5-5-5 Sensal) technology has been developed using patented polymeric membranes to encapsulate novel pathogen adhesion and recognition molecules that are vastly different from any of the existing technologies that use enzymes, lipids or nucleic acids platforms. It provides 10-20 times more sensitivity than conventional approach.

NEED™ Dolormetrics

NEED  Dolormetrics
  • VTI has developed a novel concept in pain transduction using NEED™-based biochemical principles. NEED™ provides a cost effective, accurate measurement of pain biomarkers in serum. We have assessed COX-2 and iNOS as objective measures of pain in a sample of American patients.
  • Pain was scaled between level 0-5 in accordance with the level reported by the patients. Blood samples were collected from 102 patients in the emergency room. Sandwich ELISA was used to determine the COX-2 and iNOS levels in the blood serum while statistical analysis was performed using Pearson product-moment correlation coefficients.
  • Results show that self-reports of pain by the patients is subjective for a variety of potential reasons, including psychological conditions, painkiller intake habit, chronic diseases, and description of reason for pain.
  • Further, 83% of the patients who reported pain also showed the presence of COX-2 in serum, while only 53% of the patients showed the presence of iNOS in serum. Adapted level of pain was designed for patients taking pain-killers prior to blood collection.
  • Moderate relation was found between the adapted pain level and categorized COX-2 and iNOS- concentrations. NEED™ pain biosurveillance diagnostics were designed to be an easy way for users to test solutions on-site, avoiding costly, time consuming laboratories.

NEED™ Instruments

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